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Briefing Reports

Briefing Report Cover Discrimination against Native Americans in Border Towns

This report examines recent changes for Native American communities on or off reservations.
Briefing Report Cover ​​​​​​​Briefing on Blaine Amendments

This report addresses the status and effect of Blaine Amendments, which are provisions in state constitutions that restrict the use of public funds to support private religious schools.
Briefing Report Cover Health Care Disparities

This report examines health disparities through the microcosm of cardiovascular disease and the related condition of hypertension.
Briefing Report Cover The Educational Effectiveness of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This report is based on a briefing held on May 5, 2006 that examined the educational effectiveness of of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 
Briefing Report Cover Encouraging Minority Students in Science Careers

This report examines reasons minority students who begin college intending to major in STEM degree programs leave these disciplines in disproportionate numbers before graduation. Possible ways to improve the retention of these students is also examined.