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Annual Statutory Enforcement Reports

Briefing Report Cover Civil Rights and Protections During the Federal Response to Hurricanes Harvey and María

This report examines FEMA's disaster response and compliance with federal civil rights laws and policies in Texas and Puerto Rico following Hurricanes Harvey and María.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2021 Racial Disparities in Maternal Health

This report examines the federal role in addressing racial disparities in maternal health, including negative pregnancy-related health outcomes and pregnancy-related deaths of women in the United States.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2020 Subminimum Wages: Impacts on the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities

In this report, the Commission examined the exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act – the section 14(c) waiver program - which permits employers to pay less than the minimum wage to individuals with disabilities.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2019 Are Rights a Reality? Evaluating Federal Civil Rights Enforcement

For this report, the Commission examines thirteen different federal agencies, seeking to evaluate each on the efficacy of the agency’s external federal civil rights enforcement efforts from Fiscal Year 2016 to Fiscal Year 2018. 
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2018 An Assessment of Minority Voting Rights Access in the United States

In 2018, the Commission assessed minority voter access around the country, and evaluated the Department of Justice’s enforcement of the Voting Rights Act since 2006, in particular after the Supreme Court’s Shelby County v. Holder decision.