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Briefing Reports

Cover page of 2023 statutory enforcement report, The Federal Response to Anti-Asian Racism in the United States The Federal Response to Anti-Asian Racism in the United States

This report examines three main areas: 1) national trends and data regarding the rise of hate incidents and hate crimes against members of Asian communities; 2) local and state law enforcement’s pr
Briefing Report Cover Contemporary Civil Rights Challenges: A View from the State Advisory Committees

This report examines the work of the Commission’s 56 Advisory Committees, capturing data on persistent civil rights issues; identifying emerging ones; and capturing how perspectives differ cross the United States.
Briefing Report Cover Civil Rights and Protections During the Federal Response to Hurricanes Harvey and María

This report examines FEMA's disaster response and compliance with federal civil rights laws and policies in Texas and Puerto Rico following Hurricanes Harvey and María.
Briefing Report Cover The Civil Rights Implications of Cash Bail

This report examines current approaches to reforming the pre-trial and bail systems in the U.S. criminal justice system.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2021 Racial Disparities in Maternal Health

This report examines the federal role in addressing racial disparities in maternal health, including negative pregnancy-related health outcomes and pregnancy-related deaths of women in the United States.