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Briefing Reports

Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2019 Are Rights a Reality? Evaluating Federal Civil Rights Enforcement

For this report, the Commission examines thirteen different federal agencies, seeking to evaluate each on the efficacy of the agency’s external federal civil rights enforcement efforts from Fiscal Year 2016 to Fiscal Year 2018. 
Briefing Report Cover ​​​​​​​In the Name of Hate: Examining the Federal Government’s Role in Responding to Hate Crimes

This report examines federal law enforcement’s hate crimes reporting practices and local policies, federal prosecution and enforcement of laws regarding hate crimes and bias-motivated incidents, and prevention of these crimes.
Briefing Report Cover Trauma at the Border: The Human Cost of Inhumane Immigration Policies

This report details how the current Administration’s changes to asylum, the detention of children, and certain other immigration policies, practices, and procedures have created an unnecessary human and civil rights crisis at the southern border.
Briefing Report Cover Beyond Suspensions: Examining School Discipline Policies and Connections to the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Students of Color with Disabilities

This report examines school discipline practices and policies impacting students of color with disabilities and the possible connections to the school-to-prison pipeline.
Briefing Report Cover Collateral Consequences: The Crossroads of Punishment, Redemption and the Effects on Communities

This report provides an overview of the relevant data and arguments for and against the imposition of collateral consequences on people with criminal records.