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Annual Statutory Enforcement Reports

Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2017 Targeted Fines and Fees Against Communities of Color

This report examines the reality and real harm of cities imposing fines and fees on residents to raise city funds rather than to secure legal compliance and increase public safety and DOJ’s enforcement efforts to encourage constitutional practices and hold jurisdictions accountable for constitutional violations.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2016 Environmental Justice: Examining the Environmental Protection Agency's Compliance and Enforcement of Title VI and Executive Order 12,898

This report examines whether the Environmental Protection Agency is complying with its environmental justice obligations.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2015 The State of Civil Rights at Immigration Detention Facilities

This report examines the civil rights and constitutional concerns that the Commission raised with the DHS and component agencies over the treatment of adult and minor immigrant detainees who are being held under federal law in detention centers across the country.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2014 Patient Dumping

This report examines the enforcement of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act which addresses situations where hospitals fail to screen, treat, or appropriately transfer patients and is a possible violation of federal law, including civil rights laws.
Report Cover for Statutory Enforcement 2013 Sexual Assault in the Military

This report examines how the Department of Defense and its Armed Services respond to Service members who report having been sexually assaulted and how it investigates and disciplines Service members accused of perpetrating sexual assault.