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State Advisory Committee Reports

The findings and recommendations contained in these reports are the views of a majority of the members of the state advisory committees that produced them and do not necessarily represent the views of the Commission, its individual members, nor the policies of the United States government.

Advisory Memo on Racial Disparities in Policing in Oklahoma (2021)

COVID-19 and Pacific Islander Communities in Hawai‘i (2021)

Advisory Memo on Government Response to Hurricane Disasters in Texas (2021)

Advisory Memo on COVID-19 and Native American Community in Arizona (2021)

North Dakota Advisory Committee Statement on Violence Against Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander Descent (2021)

Licensing Barriers to Employment Post-Conviction in Rhode Island (2021)

Civil Rights and Fair Housing in Illinois (2021)

Solitary Confinement in New Hampshire (2021)

Subminimum Wages for People with Disabilities in South Carolina (2021)

COVID-19 and Health Disparities in Maryland (2021)

Advisory Memo on Wage Theft and Subminimum Wages in New Mexico (2021)

Statement of the Maryland Advisory Committee on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and Violence (2021)

Disparate and Punitive Impact of Exclusionary Practices on Students of Color, Students with Disabilities and LGBTQ Students in Pennsylvania Public Schools (2021)

Civil Rights and the Impact of Native American Names, Symbols, and Imagery in School Mascots in Nebraska (2021)

Civil Rights and Equity in the Delivery of Medical and Public Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ohio (2021)

Turning Off the Tap: Massachusetts' Looming Water Affordability Crisis (2021)

Understanding the Impact of Immigration Enforcement on California Children in K-12 Schools (2021)

Hate Crime Statistics and Incidence in Virginia (2020)

Voting Rights in Missouri – The Impact of COVID-19 (2020)

Environmental Injustice: Lead Poisoning in Indiana (2020)

November 10, 2020 - Voting Rights in Michigan in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

Statement of the Nevada Advisory Committee on Voting Access During COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

Voting Rights and Voter Disenfranchisement in Florida (2020)

Advisory Memorandum of the Colorado Advisory Committee on Maternal Mortality and Fetal / Infant Mortality (2020)

Memorandum of the Connecticut Advisory Committee on COVID-19 and Nursing Homes (2020)

Statement of the Alaska Advisory Committee on Voting Rights During COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

Mental Health, Mental Health Courts and the Criminal Legal System in the District of Columbia (2020)

Statement of the Oregon Advisory Committee on Police Violence on Black Americans (2020)

Statement of the Connecticut Advisory Committee on Racial Disparities and Criminal Justice (2020)

Civil Rights and the Gender Wage Gap in Utah (2020)

Wyoming Advisory Committee: Examining Hate Crime in the Equality State (2020)

Statement of Colorado Advisory Committee Encouraging Modification of Oath and Allegiance Ceremonies During COVID-19 Crisis (2020)

Statement of the Indiana Advisory Committee on COVID-19 and Voting Rights (2020)

Statement of the South Carolina Advisory Committee on Civil Rights Issues in Regard to Police Killings (2020)

Statement of the Massachusetts Advisory Committee on Civil Rights Issues in Regard to Police Killings and Policing Practices (2020)

Statement of the Maryland Advisory Committee on Civil Rights Issues in Regard to Police Killings (2020)

Barriers to Voting in Alabama (2020)

Advisory Memo on Hate Crimes in Maine (2020)

Advisory Memo on Voting Rights and Felony Convictions in WA (2020)

Prosecutorial Discretion and Civil Rights Issues in Mississippi (2020)

Statement of the Tennessee Advisory Committee in Regard to Racial Justice (2020)

Statement of the Minnesota Advisory Committee Urging Police Reform Based Upon Its 2018 Report on Police Practices (2020)

Statement of the Massachusetts Advisory Committee on the Detention of Immigrants in the Commonwealth During the COVID-19 Crisis (2020)

Subminimum Wages for Arizona Persons with Disabilities Under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (2020)

Statement of the Massachusetts Advisory Committee Regarding COVID-19 and Incarcerated Persons in the Commonwealth (2020)

Statement of the Connecticut Advisory Committee Concerned by COVID-19 in State Correctional Facilities (2020)

Statement of the Oklahoma Advisory Committee on Civil Rights Regarding a Study of Changes to Affirmative Action in Public Education (2020)

Voting Rights and Access in Michigan (2020)

Mass Incarceration and Civil Rights in Arkansas (2020)

Education Funding and Civil Rights in Ohio (2020)

Civil Rights, Prisons and Mental Health in Nebraska (2020)

School Discipline Disparities in Vermont (2020)

Education Equity in New York: A Forgotten Dream (2020)

Implicit Bias and Policing in Communities of Color in Delaware (2020)

Legal Financial Obligations in the Tennessee Criminal Justice System (2019)

Disparities in School Discipline in Maryland (2019)

WV SAC Advisory Memorandum on the Interaction Between Individuals with Mental Health Issues and the Criminal Justice System

Human Trafficking in Massachusetts (2019)

Vermont Advisory Committee Statement on Proposed Rule by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

Advisory Memorandum on Hate Crime in North Dakota (2019)

Advisory Memorandum on Hate Crime in Rhode Island (2019)

Civil Rights and Education Funding in Kansas (2019)

Civil Rights Impacts from Collateral Consequences in West Virginia (2019)

Alaska Native Voting Rights (2019)

Mental Health Implications for Policing Practices and the Administration of Justice in Nevada (2019)

Citizenship Delayed: Civil Rights and Voting Rights Implications of the Backlog in Citizenship and Naturalization Applications (Colorado Advisory Committee 2019)

Disability Rights and Civil Rights in Georgia (2019)

Micronesians in Hawaii: Migrant Group Faces Barriers to Equal Opportunity (2019)

The Criminalization of People with Mental Illnesses in Maine (2019)

Summary of Briefings on Subtle Racism in South Dakota (2019)

Nebraska Advisory Committee Statement on Use of Native American Mascots in Non-Native Public Schools

Advisory Memo on Hate Crimes in Massachusetts

Advisory Memo on Legal Financial Obligations in Tennessee

Bordertown Discrimination in Montana

Advisory Memorandum on Voting Rights in Rhode Island

Advisory Memo on Connecticut’s Prosecutorial Practices

Human Trafficking in Oregon

Payday Lending in Rhode Island

October 2018 - Access to Voting Across America: Collected Reports of the State Advisory Committees to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

October 2018 Commission Sends Letters to State Entities Transmitting Maine Advisory Committee Memorandum on Racial Discrimination in Prosecution and Sentencing

Colorado Constitution’s No Aid to Sectarian Institutions Clause and its Impact on Civil Rights

Elder Abuse in New Mexico

Housing Discrimination in Vermont

The Civil Rights Implications of Tennessee’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws and Practices

Advisory Memorandum on Solitary Confinement in Connecticut

Barriers to Voting in Louisiana

Access to Voting in Alabama

Voting Rights in Arizona

Voting Rights in Indiana

Voting Rights in Texas

Voting Rights in Maine

Voting Rights in Ohio

June 2018 Commission Sends Letters to Federal and State Government Entities Transmitting Illinois Advisory Committee Report on Voting Rights

Alaska Native Voting Rights

May 2018 Commission Sends Letters to State Government and Civil Society Organizations Transmitting Minnesota Advisory Committee Report on Civil Rights and Policing Practices (PDF)

May 2018 Commission Sends Letters to State and Local Entities Transmitting New York Advisory Committee Report on Broken Windows Policing in New York City (PDF)

Voting Rights in New Hampshire

Civil Rights Implications of Broken Windows Policing in NYC and General NYPD Accountability to the Public

Civil Rights and Policing Practices in Minnesota

Civil Rights and Voting in Illinois

Fees and Fines and Bail Reform in Maryland

Advisory Memo on Racial Discrimination in Criminal Prosecution and Sentencing in Maine

Hate Crime and Civil Rights in Wisconsin

Voting Integrity in California

Human Trafficking and Civil Rights in Ohio

Municipal Fines and Fees in the State of Nevada

Advisory Memorandum Recommending Legislation on Solitary Confinement in Connecticut

Human Trafficking in Maine

Voting Rights and the Kansas Secure and Fair Elections Act

Human Trafficking in Maine

Indiana Advisory Committee to the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights Releases Report: Civil Rights and the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Indiana (Press Release)

Civil Rights and the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Indiana

Civil Rights and Civil Asset Forfeiture in Michigan

Civil Rights Police-Community Relations in Missouri

Civil Rights and the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Oklahoma

Civil Rights and State-Level Immigration Enforcement in Nebraska

Civil Rights Issues with Federal Childcare Subsidies in Mississippi

Seclusion and Restraint of Children with Disabilities in Kansas Schools

Status of Civil Rights in Oregon

Guarding Civil Rights in Arkansas

Hate Crime and Discrimination against Religious Institutions in Illinois

Police Militarization in Nevada

Advisory Memo on Community – Police Interaction in Missouri

Civil Rights Issues Related to the Barriers to Entrepreneurship in OH

Civil Rights Implications of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in Illinois

Solitary Confinement of Youth in New York

Georgia SAC releases immigration report (Press Release)

Civil Rights Issues of Ex-Felons in Florida

The Right to Vote and Ex-Felon Disenfranchisement in Tennessee

Immigration and Civil Rights in Georgia

Commission appoints DC State Advisory Committee members (Press Release)

Equal Educational Opportunity: Student Assault and Bullying in Nevada Public Schools

Unemployment Disparity in Minnesota

Equal Educational Opportunity in South Carolina

School Discipline in Georgia

Fair Housing Issues in Ohio

The Somali Community in Barron, Wisconsin and the American Dream

Equal Education Opportunity and Free Speech on Public College and University Campuses in California

Civil Rights in Nevada

Health Facilities in Illinois and Patient Access to Quality Language Interpreters

Civil Rights Implications of Michigan House Bill No. 6256, "Immigration Law Enforcement Act"

Resources Devoted to Civil Rights Enforcement in Minnesota: An Update

School Discipline in Florida

Migrant Education in Florida

Fair Housing in Tennesee

Kentucky School Discipline Report

Kentucky Voting Rights Report

Unequal Treatment - Women Incarcerated in NH State Prison System

Human Trafficking in Texas

Is There an Uneven Administration of Justice for Native Hawaiians in Hawaii? (PDF)

Food Deserts in Chicago (PDF)

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing in the District of Columbia (PDF)

Overcoming the Barriers Faced by Immigrants in New Jersey (PDF)

New Jersey Advisory Committee Report on Teacher Quality and Student Achievement (PDF)

Connecticut Advisory Committee Report on Closing the Attainment Gap in High Schools (PDF)

District of Columbia Advisory Committee Report on Public Education (PDF)

Vermont Advisory Committee Report on Racial Profiling (PDF)

Fair Housing Enforcement in Kentucky (PDF)

Ex-Felon Voting Rights in Florida (PDF)

School Desgregation in Tennessee: 12 Districts Released from Desgregation Orders 17 Districts Remain Under Court Jurisdiction (PDF)

An Analysis of Title I Allocations by North Carolina's Ten Largest School Districts (PDF)

Resources for Migrant Children Similar to Other Students but Achievement Still Lags (PDF)

Desegregation of Public School Districts in Florida (PDF)

Equal Education Opportunity: An Analysis of the Racial Achievement Gap In Kentucky Urban Schools (PDF)

The Farmington Report: Civil Rights for Native Americans 30 Years Later (PDF)

Language and Access to Health Care: Easing Barriers in New Hampshire (PDF)

Desegregation of Public Schools Districts in South Carolina: 19 Public School Districts Have Unitary Status, 15 Districts Remain Under Court Order (PDF)

No Child Left Behind Act: Greater Emphasis Needed by U.S. Education Department and Local School Officials to Fully Utilize Funds for Supplemental Educational Services (PDF)

North Carolina Fair Housing Report (PDF)

City Services and the Justice System: Do Korean American Storeowners in Baltimore, Maryland, Get Equal Treatment? (PDF) (July 2004)

Civil Rights Implications of Post-September 11 Law Enforcement Practices in New York | PDF (March 2004)

Coping with Police Misconduct in West Virginia (January 2004)

Minneapolis - St. Paul News Coverage of Minority Communities | PDF (December 2003)

Racial Harassment in Vermont Public Schools: A Progress Report | PDF (October 2003)

Civil Rights Concerns in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Area in the Aftermath of the September 11, 2001, Tragedies | PDF (June 2003)

Civil Rights Issues in West Virginia | PDF (May 2003)

Arab and Muslim Civil Rights Issues in the Chicago Metropolitan Area Post-September 11 | PDF (May 2003)

The Grand Junction Report: Issues of Equality in the Mesa Valley | PDF (April 2003)

Barriers Facing Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses in Pennsylvania | PDF (August 2002)

Race Relations in Waterloo (June  2002)

Racism's Frontier: The Untold Story of Discrimination and Division in Alaska | PDF (April 2002)

Equal Educational Opportunity for Native American Students in Montana Public Schools (July 2001)

Reconciliation at a Crossroads: The Implications of the Apology Resolution and Rice v. Cayetano for Federal and State Programs Benefiting Native Hawaiians | PDF (June 2001)

Race Relations and Des Moines’ New Immigrants (May 2001)

Civil Rights Issues Facing Arab Americans in Michigan (May 2001)

The Decision to Prosecute Drug Offenders and Homicides in Marion County, Indiana (April 2001)

Community Forum on Race Relations in Racine County, Wisconsin (March 2001)

Who Is Enforcing Civil Rights in Arkansas: Is There a Need for a State Civil Rights Agency? (February  2001)

The Status of Equal Opportunity for Minorities in Moorhead, Minnesota (January 2001)

Community Concerns About Law Enforcement in Sonoma County (May 2000)

Equal Educational Opportunity for Hispanic Students in the Oklahoma City Public Schools (May 2000)

Unequal Justice: African Americans in the Virginia Criminal Justice System (April 2000)

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996: An Examination of its Impact on Legal Immigrants and Refugees in Rhode Island (March 2000)

Employment Opportunities for Minorities in Montgomery County, Ohio (March 2000)

Native Americans in South Dakota: An Erosion of Confidence in the Justice System (March 2000)

Employment Rehabilitation Services in Michigan (March 2000)

Civil Rights Enforcement Efforts in North Dakota (November 1999)

Equal Housing Opportunities in New York: An Evaluation of Section 8 Housing Programs in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse (October 1999)

Racial Harassment in Vermont Public Schools (February 1999)

Civil Rights Issues Facing the Blind and Visually Impaired in Illinois (June 1999)

Employment Discrimination in Utah 1997

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