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Civil Rights Journal

The Civil Rights Journal is published by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights as part of its clearinghouse responsibilities. Editorial inquiries and manuscript submissions should be directed to The Editor, Civil Rights Journal, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 624 Ninth St., N.W., Washington, DC 20425.

Articles and other material contained in the Civil Rights Journal do not necessarily reflect USCCR policy, but are offered to stimulate thinking and discussion about various civil rights issues. No permission is required to quote or reprint contents with the exception of those that are copyrighted by authors or from other publications.

Image of Winter 2002 Journal Cover

Winter 2002

Flying While Arab: Lessons from the Racial Profiling Controversy

Image of Fall 2000 Journal Cover

Fall 2000

Volume 5, Number 1

The New Face of Slavery

(Table of Contents only)

Image of Fall 1999 Journal Cover

Fall 1999

Volume 4, Number 1 

A Nation of Minorities: America in 2050

(Table of Contents only)

Image of Fall 1998 Journal Cover

Fall 1998

Volume 3, Number 1

Race, Sports and Education: African American Athletes at a Crossroads

(Table of Contents only)

Image of Fall 1997 Journal Cover

Fall 1997

Volume 2, Number 1

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights' 40th Anniversary: The Road Ahead for Civil Rights

(Table of Contents only)

Image of Fall 1995 Journal Cover

Fall 1995

Volume 1, Number 1

Race, the Census, and Civil Rights

(Table of Contents only)