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Fall 1999
Volume 4, Number 1

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The Resegregation of Our Nation's Schools
by Gary Orfield
We are becoming a far more racially and ethnically mixed nation, but in our schools, the color lines are rising.

The Digital Divide
by Jessica Brown
As we become ever more reliant on information technology, what happens to those without access to it?

A Nation of Minorities
by Farai Chideya
America has been a majority-white nation obsessed with black and white issues. It is becoming a majority-minority nation with a multicultural population.

Health Care Special
Women: Disparities and Discrimination, by Alyson Reed
Native Americans: The Hidden Health Care Crisis, by Mark Anthony Rolo

Paired Testing
by Michael Fix and Margery Austin Turner
Why the U.S. needs a reliable report card on discrimination

Diversity Training
by Katrina Jordan
Corporations have spent billions on diversity training: Has it done any good?

Close-Up: Two New Commissioners Speak Out.
Yesterday: How We've Chosen to Remember a Florida Town's Destruction.
Global Views: Affirmative Action in India.
Viewpoints: The Wage Gap: Myth or Reality?
Books: Reviews