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Fall 1998
Volume 3, Number 1

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Undermining Indian Sovereignty Rights . . . Again
by Paul Alexander
Whether the issue is casino gambling or fishing rights, State officials too often fail to see whose rights are really at stake, and why.

An End to the Golden Age of Black Participation in Sports?
by Harry Edwards
A call for ending the disqualifying, jailing, and burying of potential star African American athletes, by broadening and reconstituting minority access to school sports programs.

A Troubling Response to Overcrowded Prisons
by Elizabeth Alexander
With prison populations skyrocketing, especially for minority prisoners, Congress weighed in with corrective legislation-but is justice being served?

Outlawing Domestic Violence: What Works and What Doesn't
by Pamela Coukos
Despite new laws leading to real progress in curbing violence against women over the last 20 years, the battering of women remains a serious problem nationwide.

Service Redlining: The New Jim Crow?
By Chevon Fuller
Refusing to offer goods and services to minorities living in low-income neighborhoods is both disturbing and illegal, and New York is one State that is trying to stop it.


Global Views: Is the U.S. really the World Leader in Disability Rights?
Close Up: Antonia Hernandez, the Leading Latina Legal Eagle
Viewpoints: Should the Equal Access Act be Expanded?
Media: The ABSCAM Scandal Prompted Arab Americans to Organize
Books: Essays and Reviews
Letters: From William Taylor, Samuel Rabinove, and others