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Staff Reports

Beyond Percentage Plans: The Challenge of Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. November 2002. 118 pp.

Election Reform: An Analysis of Proposals and the Commission’s Recommendations for Improving America’s Election System. November 2001. 59 pp.

A Community Meeting on Race Relations in Ruleville, Mississippi. June 27, 1997. 23 pp.

Discussion of Race Relations Issues in Greene County, Alabama. June 26, 1997. 46 pp.

Equal Employment Rights for Federal Employees. 1993. 25 pp.

Bigotry and Violence on American College Campuses. 1990. 80 pp. No. 005-907-00567-7.

The Economic Status of Black Women: An Exploratory Investigation. 1990. 171 pp. No. 005-906-00010-5.

Police-Community Relations in San Jose. Staff report on monitoring San Jose’s efforts to improve police-community relations over a three-year period. 1980. 19 pp. No. 005-906-00005-9.

   Updated: August 08, 2018