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Clearinghouse Publications

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 extended the functions of the Commission by giving it a responsibility to provide information to national and community organizations and institutions, government agencies, and the general public on civil rights matters. As part of this function, the Commission issues clearinghouse publications designed to increase understanding by providing reliable information about civil rights problems and about the laws, procedures, and approaches available for resolving them.


Getting Uncle Sam to Enforce Your Civil Rights. Explains where and how to file a complaint of violation of federal civil rights law. Covers different types of complaints (e.g., credit, education, voting) and special circumstance (e.g., noncitizens and military personnel). CHP 59, revised October 2003. 111 pp. 

Funding Federal Civil Rights Enforcement: 2004. Analyzes the budgets of six principal federal civil rights agencies. CHP 101. 52 pp.


Funding Federal Civil Rights Enforcement: 2000–2003. Analyzes the budgets of six principal federal civil rights agencies. CHP 100. 20 pp.


Funding Federal Civil Rights Enforcement: 2000 and Beyond. Analyzes the budgets of six principal federal civil rights agencies. CHP 99. 59 pp.


Funding Federal Civil Rights Enforcement. A review of funding for the period 1981–1996 for civil rights enforcement by the Departments of Justice, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. CHP 98. 79 pp. No. 005-902-00061-4.


Constructing Denver’s New Airport: Are Minorities and Women Benefiting? A summary report of a forum held in Denver, Colorado, June 21–22, 1991. CHP 97. 63 pp. No. 005-902-00059-2.


Intimidation and Violence: Racial and Religious Bigotry in America. An update of a 1983 statement. CHP 96. 29 pp. No. 005-902-00057-6.


The Economic Status of Americans of Asian Descent: An Exploratory Investigation. Details the earnings, employment, education, and other characteristics of Asian Americans and Asian immigrants, separating national groups and isolating foreign from native-born Asian Americans. Covers 1960 to 1980 and makes recommendations for future research and data collection. CHP 95. 171 pp. No. 005-902-00056-8.


Toward an Understanding of Johnson. Statements of the Commissioners about and text of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Johnson v. Transportation Agency. CHP 94. 66 pp. No. 005-902-00047-9.

Federal Enforcement of Equal Employment Requirements. Describes the responsibilities and policies of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Employment Litigation Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, and the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs during the Reagan administration. CHP 93. 40 pp. No. 005-902-00041-0.

New Evidence on School Desegregation. Prepared under contract by the Unicon Research Corporation, this report analyzes data from 125 school districts for 1967 to 1985 to see the extent of racial imbalance in schools. The study also examines trends in white enrollment in desegregated districts and exposure of minority to white students. Desegregation, white enrollment, and exposure of minorities to whites are correlated to types of desegregation plans. Appendices include data by district for first and last periods and plan components. CHP 92. 176 pp. No. 005-902-00045-2.


The Economic Progress of Black Men in America. Examines earnings and employment of black men from 1940 to 1980, sources of the earnings gap with white men, effects of civil rights policies, and unexplained differentials. Includes a multivariate analysis of the earnings gap between black and white men and highlights issues for future research. CHP 91. 157 pp. No. 005-902-00040-1.

An Annotated Bibliography on Selected Fair Housing Issues. Covers items published from 1974 through early 1986, dealing with background of fair housing policy and laws; residential patterns; housing for the handicapped; enforcement of fair housing laws; standards of proof for Title VIII violations; remedies for housing discrimination; and other bibliographies on fair housing. CHP 90. 52 pp. No. 005-902-00048-7.

The Economic Status of Americans of Southern and Eastern European Ancestry. Describes historical background, population characteristics, current labor market status, and intergenerational change in education and employment of Americans of Southern and Eastern European ancestry. Identifies further research needs and concludes that Euroethnic groups are on a par with or surpass the economic status of other white Americans. CHP 89. 79 pp. No. 005-902-00046-1.

Recent Activities Against Citizens and Residents of Asian Descent. Discusses historical discrimination against Asian immigrants and Asian Americans, demography of persons of Asian descent, factors in anti-Asian activity, and specific incidents since 1982 of violence, harassment, intimidation, and vandalism against persons of Asian descent. CHP 88. 87 pp. No. 005-902-00043-6.


A Citizen’s Guide to Understanding the Voting Rights Act. Explains the provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act as amended, including preclearance, minority language protections, and federal observers, and how individuals and groups may make complaints. Appendices include the text of the act, lists of jurisdictions covered, various sample letters, and source materials. CHP 84. 91 pp. No. 005-902-00038-0.


Fifteen Years Ago . . . Rural Alabama Revisited. Studies six Alabama counties to determine the extent of changes in education, employment, and health conditions of blacks since 1968. CHP 83. 143 pp. No. 005-902-00037-1.

Religion in the Constitution: A Delicate Balance. Addresses the issues of religious discrimination. CHP 80. 79 pp. No. 005-902-00034-7.


Health Insurance—Coverage and Employment Opportunities for Minorities and Women. Examines employment of minorities and women in the insurance industry and the health insurance coverage of minorities and women. CHP 72. 56 pp. No. 005-902-00028-2.


The Equal Rights Amendment: Guaranteeing Equal Rights for Women Under the Constitution. An update to the Commission’s 1978 assessment of the ERA. CHP 68. 29 pp. No. 005-902-00026-6.


More Hurdles to Clear: Women and Girls in Competitive Athletics. Reviews the history and assesses the status of females in intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics. Summarizes HEW’s enforcement of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 that prohibits discrimination based on sex in education and athletic programs receiving federal financial assistance. CHP 63. 87 pp. No. 005-902-00016-9.


Women—Still in Poverty. Describes the operation of the welfare system, job training programs, employment discrimination, and child care availability and their effects on women. CHP 60. 50 pp. No. 005-902-00012-6.


Statement on the Equal Rights Amendment. Discusses the need for the ERA and reviews the effects of state equal rights amendments. CHP 56. 32 pp. No. 005-902-00010-0. (Also available in Spanish.)


A Guide to Federal Laws and Regulations Prohibiting Sex Discrimination. (Revised edition.) Summarizes federal laws, policies, and regulations banning sex discrimination and tells how to file complaints. CHP 46. 189 pp. No. 005-902-00007-0.

   Updated: August 08, 2018