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New York Advisory Committee Releases Report: Examining the New York Child Welfare System and Its Impact on Black Children and Families

The New York Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released a report, Examining the New York Child Welfare System and Its Impact on Black Children and Families, following a study that involved a series of web briefings, a public forum, and periods of public comment. During this study, the Committee heard testimony and received written statements from individuals impacted by the child welfare system, researchers, academics, advocates, legal scholars, and government officials.

In their report, the Committee details 29 findings that highlight disparate involvement of Black families in mandatory reporting, investigative, and removal practices that result in substantial immediate and long-term harms for Black families and their communities.

Based on these findings, the Committee produced recommendations for the Commission’s consideration. These recommendations include amendments to federal CAPTA legislation that aim to reduce the instances of false reporting and unnecessary involvement in the child welfare system, implementing policy changes to prioritize family integrity over separation, and investing in critical safety nets outside of the child welfare system to support families.

The Committee deeply appreciates the contributions of each individual who spoke to the Committee during its briefings, and those who shared testimony in writing. The Committee is especially grateful to those who contributed to this work during its public forum and public comment sessions.


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