U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Police Practices and Civil Rights in New York City


August 2000

Letter of Transmittal

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Recruitment, Selection, and Training

Chapter 3: Police-Community Relations

Chapter 4: Monitoring of Civil Rights

Chapter 5: Stop, Question, and Frisk

Statement of Mary Frances Berry, Vice Chairperson Cruz Reynoso, and Commissioners Christopher F. Edley, Jr., Yvvone Y. Lee, Elsie M. Meeks, and Victoria Wilson

Statement of Commissioners Carl A. Anderson and Russell G. Redenbaugh

Appendix A: Status of Task Force on Police/Community Relations Recommendations

Appendix C: Office of General Counsel, Response to NYPD Comments on Draft Report

Executive Summary of the NYPD response to the draft "Police Practices and Civil Rights in New York City"

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