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The national organization, a confederation of "100 Black Men" chapters, was formed to marshal a force of outstanding men whose collective training, skills, and experiences could help achieve meaningful gains for the African American community. There are currently 46 chapters in 20 States with developmental activities under way in many communities. The idea for a 100 Black Men organization originated in New York City in 1963. The groups focus on education, jobs, health, and housing issues.

Geographic areas(s) served: United States
Type(s) of publications: Newsletter

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Kevin J. Hasson, President and General Counsel
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The Fund is a bipartisan and ecumenical public-interest law firm that protects the free expression of all religious traditions. It represents, pro bono, local governments and believers of all faiths. The Fund defends the role of religion in the public arena. The organization believes that religious liberty is not a gift of the State, but a basic human right that derives from human dignity.

Geographic areas(s) served: United States
Type(s) of publications: Quarterly newsletter and academic journal (forthcoming)

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Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, Chairman
Dr. Yvonne Scruggs, Executive Director
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BLF acts as a clearinghouse for national African American leaders. It brings together black leaders to grapple with issues of deep significance to African Americans, particularly civil rights and public policy issues. BLF develops a black leadership philosophy based on conditions in the African American community and other facts for those who consult with the President, Congress, and other policy-influentials and who provide a vehicle to black organizations and institutions for open discussion in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust.

Geographic areas(s) served: United States
Type(s) of publications: Policy papers, opinions, policy studies and quarterly policy letter

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Oscar Eason, President
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Blacks in Government, founded in Washington to promote the interests of African American civil servants working in Federal, State, and local governments, has more than 141 chapters throughout the Nation. Chapters also exist in Japan, China, and Germany. Blacks in Government has instituted a program called "Operation Agency Watch," through which it monitors reductions in work forces within government agencies to make certain that blacks are treated fairly. It also monitors hiring practices in government agencies, the quantity and quality of training programs, and agency promotion policies.

Geographic areas(s) served: United States, Japan, China, and Germany
Type(s) of publications: Quarterly newsletter

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Audrey Tayse Haynes, Executive Director
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BPW/USA promotes equality for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. BPW/USA annually releases its national platform, which includes plans that call for economic equity, health, and civil rights. Under civil rights, the platform advocates equal rights and remedies for women in all phases of their lives, support of affirmative action, and elimination of sexual harassment and violence against women.

Geographic areas(s) served: United States
Type(s) of publications: Quarterly magazine