Vermont Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Mr. Kimberly B. Cheney, Esq. Chairperson

Dr. Charles E. Memusi Johnson

Dr. Wanda Arce-Quiñones

Rabbi Noah Kitty, MAHL

Mr. M. Jerome Diamond, Esq.

Mr. Hugo M. Martínez Cazón *

Mrs. Pat Elmer
St. Albans 

Mr. Eric Dale Sakai *

Ms. Helen K. Fleeson
Essex Junction

Ms. Karen F. Saudek

Dr. Melanie Susan Gustafson

Mr. John Tucker

Mr. Philip H. Hoff, Esq.

Dr. Samuel B. Hand, who served on the Committee during the development of the project and the holding of the community forum, contributed significantly to the early draft report. John Wu also a former member of the Advisory Committee, participated in the development of the project concept.

 * These members were appointed to the Advisory Committee in July 1998. 


The Vermont Advisory Committee wishes to thank the staff of the Commission's Eastern Regional Office. The planning and holding of the community forum, report writing, and followup research were conducted by Marc D. Pentino, Esq., with essential support services provided by Linda Raufu. Ki-Taek Chun, director of the Eastern Regional Office, provided editorial assistance during all report writing stages and supervised the project. Dawn Sweet provided editorial assistance and prepared the report for publication.

The Committee gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Charles Johnson, who as project subcommittee chairperson, assisted staff in developing the project proposal. The Committee also wishes to thank Harvey Golubock, executive director, Vermont Human Rights Commission, and William Reedy and Karen L. Richards, legal counsel, Vermont Department of Education, for their suggestions during affected agency review.