Virginia Advisory Committee to
the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Roger A. Galvin, Chairperson


Rabbi Dr. Laszlo Berkowits
Falls Church

Anece F. McCloud*

Professor Sheila L. Carter-Tod

Sang K. Park, Esq.

Isis M. Castro

Richard E. Patrick, Esq.

Rev. Dr. C. Dow Chamberlain

Jessie M. Rattley**
Newport News

Rev. Dr. Curtis W. Harris

Houeida Saad, Esq.

Professor Azizah al-Hibri*

Albert C. Zapanta

Professor Philip Y. Huang

Naomi Zeavin
Falls Church

** Former member
** The factfinding meetings took place during Mrs. Rattley’s term as chairperson



The Committee wishes to thank the Eastern Regional Office staff for preparation of the factfinding meetings and this report. The factfinding meetings, report writing, and followup research were the chief responsibility of Edward Darden, civil rights analyst. Civil rights analysts Marc Pentino, Brent Kennard, and Teresa White (intern) assisted. Ki-Taek Chun, director, Eastern Regional Office provided essential editorial assistance during all report writing stages. T. Furaha Raufu Bey provided clerical support. Carol-Lee Hurley provided editorial review at headquarters, and Jessica Roff reviewed the text for legal sufficiency. Supervision of the project began with former regional director John I. Binkley, continued under Edward Darden as acting regional director, and concluded under current regional director Ki-Taek Chun.

The Committee gratefully acknowledges the contribution of former chairpersons Jessie A. Rattley and Rev. Dr. Curtis W. Harris, who, as project chairpersons, provided a leadership role in developing the project proposal and 2-day factfinding meeting. The Committee acknowledges also the invaluable assistance of Professor Sheila L. Carter-Tod, Rev. Dr. C. Dow Chamberlain, Professor Azizah al-Hibri, Sang K. Park, Esq., Richard E. Patrick, Esq., Houeida Saad, Esq., Vice Chairperson Anece F. McCloud, and Chairperson Roger A. Galvin, all of whom contributed to the structuring as well as drafting of the report.