Iowa Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Lenola Allen-Sommerville, Chairperson
Des Moines     


Ed Carl Barnes
Des Moines

Rudolph T. Juarez

Winston Black, Jr.**
Des Moines

Marilyn Murphy
Sioux City

Karla A. Braig**

Beverly J. Nelson

Joe Dan Coulter
Iowa City

Ila R. Plascencia**
West Des Moines

Ann Friauf*
Cedar Rapids

Marcia Stasch
Mason City

Christina Gonzalez*
Des Moines

Dihn VanLo
Des Moines

Loxi L. Hopkins**

Gail Weitz*

 *No longer a member of the Advisory Committee.
**Were not members at the time of the project.


The Iowa Advisory Committee wishes to thank the staff of the Commissionís Central Regional Office for its help in the preparation of this report. The project was the principal assignment of Ascension Hernandez, civil rights analyst, with writing assistance from Melvin L. Jenkins and support from Corrine Sanders. The project was carried out under the overall supervision of Melvin L. Jenkins, director, Central Regional Office.