District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia Advisory Committees to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

District of Columbia

Lewis M. Anthony, Chairperson†*

Eva P. Britt

Cynthia Graae†*

Ann F. Heuer

Peter Kaplan†

David L. Kim§

Stephen Kurzman†

Winona M. Lake

Ted G. Loza†

Donnie A. McKethan

Michelle Morales†

Steven Sims†

Ernest McDonald Skinner

John C. Topping Jr.



Douglas B. Sands Sr., Chairperson†*

Gary Gerstle

Lea A. Gilmore†

Mary Louise Jones

Anne Lee†

Debra C. Lemke†*

Jenkins Odoms Jr.

K. Patrick Okura†‡

Mariana A. Pardo

Chester L. Wickwire†*

Gilberto A. Zelaya II†



Richard E. Patrick, Chairperson†*

Robert J. Boyd III

Sheila Carter-Tod†*

Toa Q. Do

Jorge E. Figueredo†

Patricia W. Fromal†

Roger A. Galvin‡

Curtis W. Harris†

James M. Hingeley†

Philip Y. Huang

Ilryong Moon

G. Anne Richardson

Francey Lim Youngberg†

Albert C. Zapanta†

Naomi Zeavin†

* Inter-SAC Editorial Committee member.
† Inter-SAC Planning Committee member.
‡ Former chairperson during project planning.
§ Former member, who participated in project planning.


The District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia Advisory Committees wish to thank the staff of the Commission’s Eastern Regional Office: Ki-Taek Chun, director, Edward Darden and Marc Pentino, civil rights analysts, and former secretary Furaha Raufu Bey. Regional staff oversaw the planning and execution of the forum and the report production process. The report was written by Catherine Sunshine, independent contractor. Dawn Sweet provided editorial services and prepared the report for publication. Dorothy Pearson-Canty and Alfreda Greene provided production and distribution services.

The Committees wish to thank members who served on the Inter-SAC Planning Committee, Editorial Committee, and others who participated in the planning. Roger A. Galvin participated as chairperson of the Virginia Advisory Committee until his retirement in January 2002 and made valuable contributions during the project planning and initial development stages.