The Commission hearings were organized and the report written under the supervision of Deputy General Counsel Debra A. Carr. Pre-hearing research, planning, and investigation were conducted by attorney-advisors Peter Reilly,* Jenny Park, Deborah Reid, and Kim Norris,* with assistance from Emma Monroig. Office of General Counsel secretary Pam Moye provided clerical support for the hearings. 

The report was written by attorney-advisors Jenny Park and Deborah Reid, and senior attorney-advisor Deborah Vagins. Former Office of General Counsel law interns Hillary E. Browne, Gregory Francisco Gillett, Gilbert Gonzales, Elaine Orosco-Hammond, Kristopher Kirkwood, Tracy Lashley, and Erika Thomas provided editing and research assistance. Editorial Review Board members for the report were Latrice Foshee, Farella Robinson, and Constance M. Davis. Dawn Sweet, editor, prepared the report for publication.

The Commission acknowledges with gratitude the tremendous contributions of the hearing panelists and others who provided their expertise to this important project.



* No longer with the Commission