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These documents—often transcripts, executive summaries, and papers—are derived from briefings before the Commission on emerging civil rights issues.


Education Accountability and High-Stakes Testing in the Carolinas. Briefing held February 6, 2003. Executive summary.


Haitian Asylum Seekers and U.S. Immigration Policy. Briefing held by advocacy organizations June 21, 2002. Executive summary.

Voting Rights in Florida 2002: Briefing Summary. Briefing held June 20, 2002. Summary.

The Consequences of Government Race Data Collection Bans on Civil Rights. Briefing held May 17, 2002. Transcript and executive summary.

Making a Good IDEA Better: The Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Briefing held Apr. 12, 2002. Transcript and briefing paper.

Bioterrorism and Health Care Disparities. Briefing held Mar. 8, 2002. Transcript and briefing paper with staff findings and recommendations. 


Boundaries of Justice: Immigration Policies Post-September 11. Briefing held Oct. 12, 2001. Transcript and executive summary.


Crossing Borders: An Examination of Civil Rights Issues Raised by Current Immigration Laws, Policies, and Practices. Briefing held Dec. 8, 2000. Executive summary.

   Updated: August 08, 2018