US Commission on Civil Rights’ Open Plan


This site is a work in progress.  Here you’ll find the latest data sets and information about how you can provide input that will make our agency more transparent and engaging.

Help us with the USCCR Open Government Plan

As a part of the Open Government Directive, each agency in the federal government is responsible for publishing a plan that describes how it will improve transparency and integrate public participation and collaboration into its activities. As a part of this process, we will be asking for your input on how we can better be of service. You may share you ideas by sending an email to

Featured Monthly Data Starting May 1, 2010

·         Number of Civil Rights Complaints. 

·         No Fear Statistics 

·         US Civil Rights Rankin Library Publication Requests

Online Services 

USCCR will be launching Civil Rights USA in July 2010.  Civil Rights USA is a website that will allow you to file complaint online, stay informed with current civil rights news and view civil rights enforcement by major agencies within the Federal Government.  Upon launch, the website will be

Stay Informed

To keep informed about our upcoming meetings and briefings, our reports, meeting transcripts and other data, please visit us at .

Contact Us

If you have specific suggestions about data sets that we can make available, please email us at If you have general questions about the Agency, please visit us at

If there is information you are interested in that we haven't already made available, you may want to submit a Freedom of Information Act Request and view our latest our latest annual FOIA report.