Voting Irregularities in Florida During the 2000 Presidential Election


The hearings were organized and the report was written under the supervision of General Counsel Edward A. Hailes, Jr. The report was written by project team leaders Michael Foreman, Deborah Reid, Peter Reilly, and Audrey Wiggins, and attorney-advisors Barbara de La Viez, Jenny Kim Park, Bernard Quarterman, and Joyce Smith who also conducted the prehearing research, investigation, and planning and participated in the hearings. Legal secretary Pam Moye performed and coordinated an array of clerical tasks. Student intern Sheldon Fuller* of the Office of Civil Rights Evaluation and Deric Newton** of the Human Resources Division also provided assistance during the prehearing phase of the investigation. Staff Director Les Jin and Kimberley Alton, special assistant to the staff director, gave input and assistance throughout the project. Rebecca Kraus* and the Office of Civil Rights Evaluation compiled statistical data, under the supervision of Assistant Staff Director for Civil Rights Evaluation Terri Dickerson. Terri Dickerson, Betty Edmiston, and Dawn Sweet performed the editorial policy review. Dawn Sweet prepared the report for publication with additional legal editorial assistance by attorney-advisor Barbara de La Viez.   

Additionally, the Commission acknowledges with gratitude the contributions of the Office of Staff Director, the Administrative Services and Clearinghouse Division, and the Southern Regional Office. The Commission also thanks Allan J. Lichtman, Ph.D., for the services he rendered in support of this project.

* No longer with the Commission

* * Deceased