Equal Housing Opportunities in New York:
An Evaluation of Section 8 Housing Programs
in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse

New York State Advisory Committee to the
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

October 1999  

This factfinding report of the New York Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights was prepared for the information and consideration of the Commission. Statements and viewpoints in the report should not be attributed to the Commission, but only to the participants at the factfinding meetings, other individuals or documents cited, or the Advisory Committee.       


Commission Information

Transmittal Letter

New York Advisory Committee Members


Chapter 1: Background

Chapter 2: Barriers to Fair Housing

Chapter 3: Oversight of Local Housing Authorities

Chapter 4: Recent Changes to Section 8 Program

Chapter 5: Section 8 Housing in the Buffalo Area

Chapter 6: Section 8 Housing in the Rochester Area

Chapter 7: Section 8 Housing in the Syracuse Area

Chapter 8: Findings and Recommendations