Civil Rights Enforcement Efforts
in North Dakota

North Dakota Advisory Committee to the
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

November 1999

A report of the North Dakota Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights prepared for the information and consideration of the Commission. Viewpoints and recommendations in this report should not be attributed to the Commission, but only to the Advisory Committee or those persons whose opinions are quoted. 


Commission Information

North Dakota State Advisory Committee Members

Letter of Transmittal


Chapter 1: History of Civil Rights Efforts in North Dakota

Chapter 2: State Initiatives to Address Discrimination

Chapter 3: Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Government Perspectives on Discrimination

Chapter 4: Business Perspectives on Discrimination

Chapter 5: Private/Community Organizations and Citizen Perspectives on Discrimination

Chapter 6: The Need for a Human Rights Agency in North Dakota

Chapter 7: Findings and Recommendations