U.S. Commission on Civil Rights


The Commission proceeding was organized and the report was written under the supervision of Acting General Counsel Edward A. Hailes, Jr. Project team leader Joseph Manalili* and attorney-advisors Kim Ball, Deborah Reid, Joyce Smith, and Audrey Wiggins performed preliminary research and planning for the proceeding. Additional assistance was provided by the Public Affairs Unit through its deputy chief Marcia Tyler and editor David Aronson. Further assistance was provided by Kimberly Alton, special assistant to the staff director. Clerical support was given by legal secretary Pamela Moye and administrative assistant Carolita Little of the Public Affairs Unit. Project team leader Joseph Manalili and attorney-advisors Deborah Reid, Jenny Kim Park, Joyce Smith, and Audrey Wiggins drafted the report. Attorney-advisors Kim Ball, Barbara de La Viez, Michael Foreman, Emma Gonzalez-Joy, and Bernard Quarterman conducted the legal sufficiency review. The report was prepared for publication by Dawn Sweet.

The Commission acknowledges with gratitude the tremendous contributions of the selected experts to this important project.

* No longer with the Commission