10/06/04 U.S Commission on Civil Rights Investigates Suppression of Youth Vote, Barriers to Registering & Impact of the Voting Rights Act
10/05/04 Commission Advances Civil Rights Through Ratifying Significant Reports
09/10/04 USCCR Briefing on Voting and Election Reform - Is America Ready to Vote? Voting Barriers, Provisional & Absentee Ballots, and Voter Enfranchisement
08/05/04 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Commemorates Voting Rights Act of 1965
07/14/04 Florida Election Official, "Felon" Purge Victim, Advocates, and Others Brief the Commission: "Is America Ready to Vote?"
07/08/04 Election 2004: Is America Ready to Vote? Commission Examines Purge Lists, Voter Disenfranchisement, Florida Registration Process
04/06/04 Election 2004 - Is America Ready: U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Examines Integrity, Security and Accessibility in the Nation's Readiness to Vote
03/11/04 Civil Rights Commission Explores Patriot Act, Other Anti-Terrorism Efforts, and Civil Rights
03/09/04 Commission Celebrates National Women's History Month
02/17/04 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to Explore Pacific Northwest Civil Rights Issues
02/06/04 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Celebrates African American History Month