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The Commission has several offices and units within its headquarters, as well as six regional offices. Of the national offices, two are primarily responsible for civil rights-related research and study—the Office of Civil Rights Evaluation and the Office of General Counsel. Descriptions of the key functions for each Commission office and unit can be accessed by selecting that office or unit on the organizational chart.

Select an organizational unit for information about it:

Organizational Chart Commissioners Office of the Staff Director Public Affairs Unit Congressional Affairs Unit Regional Programs Coordination Unit Central Regional Office Eastern Regional Office Midwestern Regional Office Rocky Mountain Regional Office Southern Regional Office Western Regional Office Office of the General Counsel Office of Civil Rights Evaluation Office of Management Administrative Services and Clearinghouse Division Budget and Finance Division Human Resources Division

* Although current agency regulations describe an 'Office of the Deputy Staff Director' the Commission has eliminated that office, and the position of Deputy Staff Director has been transferred to the Office of the Staff Director.

   Updated: June 13, 2016